Heavy equipment Lic# 1065768 A, B, C21


We are a family-owned business offering construction services in Kern County since 2019.


We provide construction services to Kern County and the surrounding areas. From general contracting to the designing and building, we can do it all.


Another one of our specialties, we create scenic landscapes for commercial, residential and even public areas. From start to finish we can handle all of the heavy lifting to create the yard of your dreams.


Comprehensive and affordable paint contractor. Both interior and exterior, commercial and residential. No matter how complex the job is we can handle it.


If you have unwanted structures we can completely demolish and remove everything down to the foundation in the fastest and most effeciant manner possible.


Whether it's basic home improvement or an entire new lobby for your office. We can change the architectural design, remove walls, renovate old houses, and offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Tumbleweed abatement

We can clear five acres of tumbleweeds per two hours of running our equipment. Lot will be left clean and clear to prevent fires, code enforcement fines, and discourages illegal dumping and trepspassing.

About us

Robinson Construction Service's Inc. is a family owned company providing a wide range of high quality service.
Going above and beyond, we get the job done leaving you satisfied.

Need to clear trees and stumps before development, construction or for fire prevention? We refer to this practice in the field as grubbing. Grubbing is the process of uprooting trees, grinding stumps, pulling out deep roots, moving boulders as well as piles of trees, and more This process is necessary to completely remove invasive tree roots and other sub-surface debris that could interrupt construction, and laying irrigation pipes when land is going from a natural, raw state to prepare it for construction or landscaping. Debris can be hauled off, processed for wood chips can be buried in a safe designated area.

Do you need land clearing or grubbing in Kern County? Call Robinson Construction Services today!

We now offer tumbleweed (known as Russian Thistle) abatement with no propagation, minimal dust and earth movement.
Avoid code violations and prevent brush fires, on average we can complete 2.5 flat acres per hour.
We use an attachment called a Brush Hog skid steer to clear out tumbleweeds, bushes, brush and even small trees.
Our equipment can be used in fields, vacant lots, ranches and farms. It is suitable for both large and small lots.

  1. • Prevent fires
  2. • Minimal dust
  3. • Tumbleweed removal
  4. • Maintain Overgrowth
  5. • Minimal earth movement
  6. • Increase property values
  7. • Clear Brush and small trees
  8. • Avoid costly code enforcement fines


Robinson Construction Services Inc.
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